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First Aid Kit, FAC-5 Deluxe Cabinet
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First Aid Kit, FAC-5 Deluxe Cabinet

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SKU: D3025

Weight: 35.0000

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First Aid Kit, FAC-5 Deluxe Cabinet


This heavy-duty metal cabinet is dust resistant and is constructed with five shelves and door pockets, all stocked with an extra-large variety of high-quality first aid products.


  • 100-Certi-Strip Adhesive Bandage, Plastic, 1" x 3"
  • 50-Certi-Strip Adhesive Bandage, Plastic, 3/4 " x 3"
  • 40-Certi-Strip Adhesive Bandage, Plastic, Jr-XL
  • 16-Certi-Skin Closure, M/L
  • 100-Certi-Strip Adhesive Bandage, Woven, 1' x 3'
  • 25- Certi-Strip Adhesive Bandage, Woven, X-LG 2'x 3'
  • 50-Certi-Strip Adhesive Bandage, Woven, Med., Fingertip
  • 50-Certi-Strip Adhesive Bandage, Woven, Knuckle
  • 1-Adhesive Certi-Tape- Spool, Tri-Cut
  • 6-Alcohol Sanitizing Gel, 1/8 oz
  • 50-Alcohol Wipe-Ups
  • 10-Ammonia Inhalents
  • 10-Antimicrobial Towelette, 5" x 8"
  • 1-Antiseptic BZK Spray, 3 oz
  • 10-Antiseptic BZK Towelettes, 5" x 7"
  • 1-Bandage Compress, 4"
  • 2-Biohazard Bag w/ Tie, 24" x 24"
  • 1-Certi-Burn Gel w/ Flip-Top Lid, 1 oz
  • 6-Certi-Burn Gel, 1/8 oz
  • 1-Certi-Burn Spray, 3oz
  • 25-2 packs of Tri-Buffered Aspirin Tablets
  • 25-2 packs of Certi-Ache Tablets, Anelgesic
  • 50-2 packs of Certi-Cet Tablets, Non-Aspirin
  • 25-2 packs of Certi-Decon Tablets, Decongestant
  • 25-2packs of Certi-Fem Tablets, Menstrual Relief
  • 50-2 packs of Certi-Lak Tablets, Antacid
  • 50-2 packs of Certi-Prin Tablets, Ibuprofen
  • 25-2 packs of Certi-Sine Tablets, Sinus Relief
  • 3-Certi-Cool Instant Cold Pack, Junior
  • 2-Certi-Cool Instant Cold Pack, Large
  • 1-Cotton, 1/4 oz
  • 1-Absorbent Compress, 32 sq in
  • 100-Cotton Swabs, Vial, 3?
  • 50-Cough Drops, TLH Cherry, 1/pkg.
  • 1-CPR Protector, Mouth-to-Mouth Barrier, 5.5" sq., O/W
  • 10-Certi-Soap Cleanser, Towelettes, 5" x 8"
  • 1-Certi-Rip Elastic Cohesive Bandage, Tan, 2' x 5yds
  • 1-Certi-Rip Elastic Cohesive Bandage, Tan, 3' x 5yds
  • 1-Eye and Skin Wash, Certi-Lizer, 8 oz
  • 2-Eye Wash w/ Eye Cup, Certi-Ose, 4 oz
  • 6-First aid Cream, 1 gm
  • 1-Forceps, Plastic, 4"
  • 10-Non-Stick Pads, 2" x 3"
  • 1-Certi-Gauze Pad, 2" x 2"
  • 25-Certi-Gauze Pads, 3" x 3"
  • 10-Certi-Gauze Pads, 4" x 4"
  • 6-Certi-Gauze Roll, 2' x 6 yds
  • 1-Certi-Gauze Roll, Boxed, 3' x 6 yds
  • 2-Gloves, Nitrile, Pair, M/L
  • 6-Hydrocortisone Cream, 1gm
  • 25-Insect Wipe-Ups, 1" x 2"
  • 2-Poison Ivy Barrier Lotion, 1/4 oz
  • 6-Poison Ivy Cream, 1/8 oz
  • 2-PVP Iodine Wipe-Ups, 1" x 2"
  • 2-Sun Screen Towelette, SPF-30
  • 1-Bandage Scissors, 4"
  • 2-Certi-Lan-Cet, 2/pkg. (splinter removal)
  • 1-Trauma Dressing, Certi-Stopper, XL-TD
  • 1-Triangular Bandage with Pins, 40"
  • 25-Antiobiotic Cream, Certi-Sporyn, 1 gm
  • 1-Finger Splint, Plastic, Large
  • 1-Finger Splint, Plastic, Medium
  • 1-Rescue Blanket, Silver, 52" x 84"
  • 1-First Aid Facts Book-20 page
  • 1-Door Pouch, 22pocket

AEL Part Number: 09MS-04

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